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Treat Your Fiancée Like A Queen By Getting Her A Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

While diamond engagement rings are a common choice, unique sapphire engagement rings have taken the world by storm. In addition to being referenced frequently in the Bible as a representation of something important and valuable, this gorgeous diamond is also linked to the British Royal Family.

From Princess Diana's iconic sapphire ring to the British Crown Jewels, each one of these quintessential pieces highlight the beautiful sapphire in it. Let's take a look at the meaning behind this gorgeous gemstone.


Sapphire wedding rings symbolize truthfulness, sincerity, and loyalty. Additionally, it is thought to bring luck to a marriage and maintain its health and vitality. The sapphire's lovely aura and significance are what made engagement rings with them so unique.

Reasons Why You Should Get One

They Offer An Incredible Color Selection

Sapphires come in various colorful hues—including deep blues, vivid greens, purples, baby pink, and many other colors. If you want to opt for the fanciest sapphires, a blue sapphire ring is the way to go. This has a violet-blue or velvety blue color and has the highest price.

They're Ethically-Sourced Gemstones

It is simpler to track and verify who profits from the sale of sapphires because they are extracted in family- or society-owned small mines, and typically the beneficiary is the local community. Plus, tons of sapphires are mined in places like Sri Lanka, Australia, and Madagascar, where working conditions are safe.

a gold sapphire ring

They Are Durable

Sapphires are regarded as extremely durable and hard as they rate 9 on the Moh's scale of hardness. They are great jewels for everyday use because of their longevity. Also, they're scratch-resistant and have no cleavage, making them less likely to crack when struck or hit.

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