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Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give to That Special Someone

Valentine’s Day has come to be a day when people are showered with love and affection from their partners, and honestly, who doesn’t like a little TLC? A bouquet of long-stemmed red roses, paired with a box of melt-in-the-mouth Belgian chocolates is sure to make your significant other swoon. But have you thought of going the extra mile and adding something a little more thoughtful?

We have something for every budget! Read on to see our top picks.

Make it Personal

We are sure your partner will love whatever it is you pick out for them. Go one step further and make it personal by picking out an initial ring, zodiac ring or a pendant with their birthstone in it. Doing so will ensure that your thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift also holds sentimental value.You can add on to these in the future by including your own and, or, your children’s initials, zodiac or birthstones.

A delicate oval-cut citrine and gold pendant rests daintily on a woman’s neck

Choose Something Unique

Precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are the go-to jewels when it comes to picking out a piece of jewelry. Set yourself apart by selecting something different. The fiery opal not only changes color in different lights but also glistens and sparkles, showcasing colors of the rainbow. Other options for unique stones are peridot, aquamarine, tanzanite, morganite, and citrine.

Go All Out

If this year is special for you together as a couple or you’re feeling rather generous and want to show how much you care in a big way, go all out. Surprise your lady with diamonds set in white or yellow gold and watch her melt. This thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift is nothing less than an investment opportunity and will make your partner feel valued.

If you’re on the lookout for that perfect piece of exquisite jewelry, head on over to our collections at Gin and Grace to find something that’s right for you. If you’re looking to make this Valentine’s Day extra romantic and get down on one knee, we have a range of unique sapphire, rose gold, ruby and diamond engagement rings.

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