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4 Interesting Facts About Opals

Opals hold a special place in many women's hearts, especially when they’re in an opal and diamond engagement ring. There's something about the way they shimmer and sparkle that captivates people every time. If you're looking to win your significant other’s heart with a gift, do consider this shapeshifting stone. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but also have fascinating qualities, making them all the more alluring.

This blog sheds light on some interesting facts surrounding opals.

They are formed from water

Unbelievable, isn’t it? These mesmerizing stones are made up of silica, a mineral found in sand. Yet, they are created from water that seeps into the ground and then evaporates. When the water is gone, it leaves behind a silica deposit that eventually hardens into an opal.

They come in a variety of colors

When most people think of opals, they imagine classic white or creamy-colored stones with subtle flecks of the rainbow. However, opals come in a range of colors, including black, blue, pink, green, and even red. The most coveted opals have multiple colors in one stone, which puts on a dazzling  display referred to as a ‘play of colors’ and these opals are called precious opals.

A rose gold engagement ring, in opal, studded with diamonds on the side.

They have healing qualities

Throughout history, opals have been associated with certain properties. In ancient times, they were thought to bring luck and good fortune. Many believed them to have healing properties, particularly for eye ailments. 

Today, however, opals are mostly associated with hope, innocence, and purity.

October birthstone

If your partner was born in October, opal jewelry would make a sentimental gift. Opals are said to bring luck and happiness to those born in October. Plus, with their stunning beauty and unique characteristics, they are sure to impress. Tempted? Check out this gorgeous ring or opt for a white gold opal engagement ring.

Opals truly are a romantic stone. Their allure is hard to resist and one finds themselves falling in love with them. Head on over to Gin and Grace and browse our collection of ethically sourced jewelry, designed in-house and manufactured locally in New York.

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