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How to Take Care Of White Gold Jewelry

The beauty, the elegance, the grace! So much poise is attached to white gold opal engagement rings and jewelry. That’s more than enough reason to protect this beautiful, precious metal. It is made out of yellow gold mixed with white metals and then plated (usually with rhodium) to mask the yellowness of the gold. Let’s look at how you can clean your white gold sapphire rings and jewelry.

Cleaning The Jewelry

Cleaning jewelry, whether it’s a rose gold engagement ring  or blue sapphire ring, requires more than just washing. It needs to be done carefully so as not to harm the rhodium coating. The coating will lose its luster if polished excessively. Follow the instructions below, and you’ll have clean opal, gold or sapphire and diamond rings in no time:

  • To create a cleaning fluid, combine warm water and unscented soap. Cleaners with bleach or other toxic chemicals should never be used.
  • Let the solution sit on your jewelry for 20–30 minutes.
  • Use a soft and clean brush or cloth to remove any visible dirt. Gentle rubbing only.
  • To get rid of any soap remnants, soak the piece of jewelry with warm water.
  • Dry the jewelry with a clean towel.

Tip: To prevent harming the plating on your gold, opal and diamond engagement rings and jewelry sets, never scrub it with abrasive materials. Even though the rhodium coating is robust and unlikely to corrode after only one washing, continuously applying abrasive cleaners on them will leave its surface noticeably altered.

White gold opal earrings

Added Gemstones

If your jewelry has diamonds attached to it, then you can follow the procedure mentioned above. But if onyx stones or pearls are attached to the jewelry, you shouldn’t submerge them in the solution. Instead, immerse a cloth in the cleaning mixture and gently rub the fine jewelry with it. The jewels can be cleaned by delicately wiping them with a moist cloth.

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