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Jewelry Trends: 3 Styles Of Ruby Engagement Rings

Engagement rings today are highly customized and frequently represent a couple's story. Colorful gemstones have become increasingly popular as alternatives to classic diamond engagement rings. Ruby engagement rings reign supreme when it comes to choosing a special ring for your special day. It's the birthstone of July and represents passion. Let's look at the trendiest kinds of ruby rings.

The Solitaire Style

The solitaire style is one of the original and classic kinds of ruby band rings. Solitaires are a great option because they are made to highlight the center gemstone only. This makes them a wonderful choice for a couple looking to spend money on a stunning ruby. While round-cut rubies are the conventional choice, many couples choose other shapes, which adds a touch of individuality to the classic solitaire arrangement.

The Halo Style

As evident by the name, these kinds of ruby and diamond engagement rings showcase the ruby as the centerpiece while surrounded by a layer of diamonds. While diamonds are the norm, a few other gemstones are also used as supporting jewels that help give ruby the majestic appearance it deserves. These kinds of rings come in several incredibly gorgeous designs, and they're a terrific style option for a couple looking to add diamonds but still want a unique engagement ring.

a halo ruby and diamond ring

Bridal Set Ring

If you want matching rings with your beau, this kind of ring is the way to go. These are coordinating ruby engagement rings specially designed for you and your partner. Although these kinds of rings are unique in their way, when they are worn together, they have a very noble and distinctive appearance since they complement one another so well.

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