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3 Things You Need To Know About Emerald Engagement Rings

If there's one thing you don't want to skimp on, it's your engagement ring. Some women like going the traditional route and settling with gold and platinum rings. Some might even choose ruby diamond rings. While others believe that rose gold engagement rings are the best choice. There's another variant steadily gaining popularity—the emerald engagement ring! Elegant rings create a striking statement when adorned with emeralds.


The Sumerians are considered one of the oldest tribes to wear emerald cut rings on their ring fingers. They believed it had anti-inflammatory powers. Emerald engagement rings have gained popularity over time and in various parts of the world. With time, white gold emerald cut emerald rings in the Victorian aesthetic and styles became more well-known.

A marquise cut ring


In ancient societies, the emerald gemstone served as a religious symbol for gods and goddesses. Different societies have assigned cultural and spiritual values to the stone.

Emeralds are now associated with successful love and are presented to a partner in the expectation that it would help them maintain their undying love and dedication for the entirety of their lives. These rings symbolize good fortune and harmony—and a long, happy marriage when presented to women.

Cuts and Shapes

The emerald cut is the most well-known and contemporary style for women’s wedding rings. It's an excellent option for a solitaire ring because of its elongated shape and expanded look. Then comes the round cut that makes an elegant engagement band. The oval-cut emerald wedding band gives a slimming look to a bride's finger and makes them look petite.

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