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5 Most Iconic Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity engagement rings go down in history as proof that diamonds and gems are truly eternal—especially when they adorn the hand of a celebrity. What makes these rings so amazing is that each one is completely unique. Of course, many include popular features, like pavé settings, engraved embellishments, and traditional stones, yet they all seem unique in some way.

Even if you take the carat weight out of the equation, these rings are stunning, making it almost impossible not to be obsessed with these amazing jewels. We know you aren't the only one who is smitten. Therefore, we bring you some of the most iconic celebrity engagement rings and their beautiful lookalikes for your ring collection.  

1. Jennifer Lopez


The relationship of the decade entered the most exciting phase when Alex Rodriguez popped the question to JLo in March 2019 with a magnificent diamond ring. Unfortunately, the engagement didn’t last, yet their classic engagement ring remains one of our all-time favorites.

JLo and Rodriguez may (or may not)have moved on, but we are definitely having a hard time getting over the timeless engagement ring featuring a 15-carat diamond. Therefore, while most of us may not be able to afford the $1.4 Million ring, we have the next best thing for you: Elsa 14K White Gold Cushion-Cut Aquamarine Ring.

Just like Jennifer’s engagement ring, Elsa features a bold and classy rectangular center jewel. Instead of a diamond, it is adorned with aquamarine – a pale blue gemstone that will add ‘bling’ to any relationship. It also features 61 pieces of 1.40-carat, round-cut natural diamonds, while the band is made of 14-karat white gold.  Grab yours now at Gin & Grace!

2. Princess Diana


Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, chose her own stunning sapphire ring when she got engaged to Prince Charles. The prince proposed to Diana during a private dinner at Buckingham Palace on February 6, 1981, with the iconic 12-carat oval-cut jewel surrounded by 14 diamonds.

Since then, the ring has gone down in history as one of the most renowned royal engagement rings of all time. It was valued at around $36,000 (£28,500) in 1981, but it is now priceless. Although the Marguerite ring had no historical links to the royal family, it was nevertheless a regal choice thanks to the bluestone.

Sapphires were long popular among Buckingham Palace inhabitants; Lady Elizabeth was presented one by the Duke of York, as were Princess Anne and Princess Alexandra. Prince Albert also gave his wife, Princess Victoria, a blue sapphire brooch in 1840.

It is said that Princess Diana may have chosen it to complement her eyes.  However, she taught us two valuable lessons about engagement rings – one, it doesn’t always have to be diamonds, and, two, there’s nothing wrong with picking your own engagement ring!  

If you want to experience a touch of royalty, consider the beautiful Siena 18K White Gold Oval-Cut Blue Sapphire Ring. The Gin & Grace ring boasts a single0.88 carat oval-cut blue sapphire surrounded by 12 round-cut prong setting natural diamonds. is also a great option featuring an oval-cut deep blue sapphire of 0.97 carats adorned with 90 diamonds on all sides.  

Halle Berry


Halle Berry, an Academy Award winner, wears one of the most unique engagement rings in Hollywood, as well as one of the most expensive. Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry's husband, commissioned her engagement diamond from Robert Mazio – a renowned Parisian jeweler. The 4-carat emerald ring is hand-forged in yellow gold.

It features a square-cut emerald flanked on either side by two smaller diamonds. The flawless, pure emerald ring is encrusted with Phoenician codes that are said to depict the couple's love journey, making it much more valuable than its estimated value of $200,000.

Emeralds have long been favorites when it comes to engagement rings. Did you know that John F. Kennedy also proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier with a stunning emerald ring in 1953? Emerald always adds a unique touch to engagement rings. So, if you also want something unique to mark the start of your special relationship, we have the perfect ring for you: Alannah 14K White Gold Oval-Cut Emerald Ring.

This lovely cocktail ring has an oval-cut Gin & Grace Natural emerald, giving it a classic charm. The curving shank is embellished with round-cut diamonds, and this exquisite 14-karat white gold ring is finished with a high polish.


3. Rebecca Lo Robertson


Rebecca Lo Robertson, the renowned Duck Dynasty reality star, was pleasantly surprised when her boyfriend, John Reed, presented her with a one-of-a-kind Art Deco opal ring. The couple was shell hunting on the Perdido Key Beach in Florida when Rebecca discovered the beautiful ring hidden inside one of the shells as the sun set in the background.

With such elaborate planning, perfect timing, and extraordinary ring, Reed has set new “proposal goals” for everyone. The only way to meet the bar is to opt for an equally beautiful opal, and we have the perfect option for you: Alani 10K Yellow Gold Oval-Cut Opal Ring.

Alani is stunning, timeless, and elegant with 7X9 Oval-Cut Prong Setting Natural Opal and 56 pieces of Round-Cut Prong Setting Diamond accent stones. The ring is made of gleaming 10-karat yellow gold and finished with a high polish.


4. Michelle Obama  

Married in 1992, the Obamas’ are the most influential power couple in the history of the US. Many have referred to the Obamas' successful marriage as "relationship goals."

The reason why Michelle’s engagement ring made it to our list is that unlike most celebrities, she opted to preserve her original engagement ring. She adored the design so much that she kept her modest solitaire diamond from her husband for a long time.

The word is that the engagement ring was not updated until 2017, when she upgraded to a more blinged-out set. The engagement ring is undoubtedly emotional for the Obamas and marks the official beginning of one of the most admired relationships.

But it is also one of the most timeless and elegant designs. The beauty lies in its simplicity – a classy round diamond centerpiece adorning on a gold band.

While you may not find the exact replica of Michelle Obama’s original engagement ring, the good news is that Gin & Grace is offering a similar design:

This stunning ring is one-of-a-kind with 34 pieces of natural round cut white diamond. Just like Michelle’s ring, Samira is made of Yellow Gold polished to a high finish.

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Despite the exorbitant pricing of most celebrity engagement rings, it is totally possible to obtain your own Hollywood-inspired engagement ring without breaking the bank. Choose one of the rings discussed above, or check out the amazing collection at Gin & Grace to take your pick.


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