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Fun in the Sun: How to Protect Jewelry in the Summer

With summer in full swing, the warm sunny weather entices us to go outside, relax by the beach, enjoy pool parties with friends, and generally just stroll around downtown. With events happening everywhere around you, you’re bound to show off your favorite pieces of Gin and Grace jewelry whenever you go out. After all, our gorgeous jewelry pieces are designed to stand out. However, the humidity, sun exposure, and even the salty air of the beach are not good for your jewelry, regardless of how well-made it is. 

In this blog, we will be giving you some damage protection tips on how to protect your jewelry during the summer months.

Avoid Wearing Jewelry Near Water Bodies 

We know you want to take your favorite gold bracelet and diamond earrings to your summer vacation. However, wearing these pieces to the beach may not be the smartest decision. Wearing gold and precious gemstones to the beach can cause serious damage to your jewelry because of the sand and sea salt. 

Most precious stones are porous, which means they can absorb the salt from the air and the sea. You certainly wouldn’t want to damage your striking emerald round-cut ring in the water.

It can result in your stone rotting or falling off. Wearing rings and earrings near water bodies is a huge risk, especially if you plan on taking a dip in the cold water. Your fingers tend to shrink in cold water that can result in your rings slipping off without even realizing it. Your safest bet is to keep your expensive jewelry at home if you plan on going near water, especially if you’re going to be near chlorine.

The chlorine present in pools is highly corrosive to most metals, and prolonged exposure can result in discoloration of your jewelry pieces. If you really want to accessorize, we recommend wearing sturdy platinum pieces or lower-karat gold to prevent any damage. 

Cleanse Your Jewelry After Spending the Day Outdoors 

Jewelry is more prone to damage in the summer months than any other time of the year. This is mainly because of all the moisture and liquid your jewelry is exposed to, such as sweat, moisturizers, sunblock, and pool/seawater. If you have a beautiful oval-cut sapphire ring or any other striking piece of jewelry, you certainly would not want it to get damaged due to moisture.  

To keep your jewelry looking fresh, it is recommended that you clean your jewelry pieces with a polishing fabric at the end of the day.

Using a diluted soap and water solution to deep clean your jewelry is also another way to ensure none of the creams and sunblock residue is left on your jewelry.

Regardless of whether you are deep cleaning your jewelry, it is always a good option to take your favorite pieces to a professional jeweler who will remove all dirt, salt, and other particles that can damage your jewelry. They will also look at the setting of your pieces to ensure no gemstones are loose. 

Store Your Pieces Properly When Not in Use 

To increase the longevity of your stunning jewelry, such as a stunning cuff ring from Gin and Grace, store them away in a cool and dark place whenever they are not in use. After spending the day under the sun, clean your pieces and store them away as sunlight can cause some stones to fade in color. You can even include a packet of silica inside your jewelry container to keep the pieces from tarnishing. The silica packets absorb all moisture and keep the jewelry looking fresh.

Gin and Grace offers jewelry cleaning services for their customers. You can avail of annual jewelry cleaning for the pieces you have purchased from our store, completely free of charge. Head over to your nearest Gin and Grace store today!


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